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My dress sense is my decision – no matter how old I am, wear whatever dress I like, Abhay Hiranmayi

Abhaya Hiranmayi is a popular playback singer in the Telugu Malayalam film industry. The actor has been active in the field of film playback singing since 2014. The actor started his career in Malayalam film industry in 2014.

From the beginning till now all the actor has sung about is success. The actor has been trained in the genres of indie pop, folk and folk rock.

The actor starts singing with the song Naku Penta, Naku Taka. With the first song becoming a hit, many opportunities have come to the star. The star has gained huge popularity with the song ‘Jishpai’, ‘Choti Zindagi’ and ‘Mazhaye Mazhaye’. There was no Malabar who did not sing to Koi. The actor won the Asiavision Award for the song Koikode.

Anyway, the actor was lucky enough to sing about 10 songs in this short time and all the songs he sang became hits. The actor graduated in engineering before starting his career in film playback singing. Now the actress has become a world famous singer who sings in Telugu Malayalam language.

Now the actor is active in modeling along with singing. Recently, the actor participated in many model photo shoots. Every photoshoot has been taken over by the star’s fans very quickly. The actor is active on social media and regularly shares his favorite photos and videos with his fans.

Now an interview of the star is going viral. The actor talks about the criticism against the dress code. The actor says that I have started wearing shorts since I was conscious and I will wear them even when I am fifty years old. 

The actor says that I don’t care what anyone says and I will wear whatever dress I like no matter my age. The gist of what the actor said is that he will wear the clothes he likes.



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