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Cutie photos of Gandii Baat star Neelam Bhanushali that will make you sweat hard

Neelam Bhanusali is a well-known actress of Indian film industry. She has worked in many Punjabi music videos and Tollywood movies. She also made her debut in a Bollywood movie called Atrupt in 2016 and has also appeared in TV commercials.

She became popular after her bold performance in ALTBalaji’s Gandi Baat Season 5 web series which was aired on Alt Balaji and Zee5 OTT platform. She also did a lead role in Kooku app’s Chicken Curry web series and is an avid dog lover.

Her most famous role is Beena Madam in ALT Balaji’s Gandi Baat 5. She has been seen as the lead actress in other popular movies like Atrupt, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and others. She was also featured in the music video of the song ‘Laut Ke Aaja’ sung by Shahzad Ali and has been associated with the brand ‘Hunk Water’.

She is best known for her bold performance in ALTBalaji’s ‘Gandi Baat’ season 5. Her performance in this series has received lots of appreciation from the audience and viewers. She is the most popular character in this web series and the show has won several awards and nominations from various media organizations.

She has played the role of Lakshmi in 4 episodes of ‘Dulha Kon’, a kindi box original web series that revolves around the girl who managed to get married but faces major consequences to find her real husband. She has done a brilliant job in this role and it’s her most notable performance so far in the movies and web series.

In the beginning, Rishi seems to be arrogant and egoistic but he is surprisingly kind and selfless like Lakshmi. He is also very fond of animals and spends his time with them.

After a misunderstanding with his mother and father, Lakshmi and Rishi agree to meet each other and decide to marry. At first, they are reluctant as they have both failed in their previous attempts to get married. But after being consoled by Virendra (her father), they agree to meet.

They go for a dinner and the two notice each other’s selflessness. At this point, they start to fall in love.

They both decide to marry and get engaged. They both then go on their honeymoon. However, Rano tries to usurp her property and the marriage gets postponed.

This makes Neha upset as she thinks her daughter is going to be married to a rich man. She also wants her son to marry someone else.



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