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Fat People Always Have More Fans; Our Favorite Star With Photo Shoot..!!

Many people have many preferences. 

When you see movies and early modeling, people think that everyone only likes skinny beauties. 

But it was neither actor Mohanlal nor Mammootty who achieved the shocking collection record in Malayalam cinema at one time.

Shakeela, Mariya and Reshma were the ones who made everyone want to show their feminine beauty in their plump bodies.
If they ended up in the flow of ages, then and there, the ever stout Silk, as well as Mumtaz and Namitak, had all their admirers here.

It must be said that even today the audience has an unbridled fascination with the fat body and its beauty.

That is why such models are becoming stars on social media even today. And they get many followers.

Megha Das Ghosh is one such Indian model who has many fans.

The actor has more than four lakh fans on Instagram. All kinds of pictures of the star including bikini have huge fans.

There are a lot of fans for the breasts that are not confined inside the clothes,

the protruding belly and the navel that makes anyone mesmerize inside it. Many Malayalees are commenting on the star’s post.

As it is said that one’s beauty is in the flesh and not in the bones,

Megha is a person with a very attractive beauty.



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