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Five key player battles to watch out for in the India vs. Pakistan T20 World Cup 2022

In seven deliveries from the leg-spinner that he faced, he only managed to score six runs. When Kohli and Shadab faced off again in the two Asia Cup 2022 games that were played earlier this year, the former Indian captain only managed to score 21 runs in 17 deliveries, despite playing well against the opposition.

The Pakistani leggie hasn’t necessarily found kryptonite to employ against Kohli despite the dismal figures he has against Shadab. For a cricketer who is otherwise among the finest of his era, if not the best imaginable, the batter’s overall statistics against leg-spinners are quite average.

The professional T20I average and strike rate of the Indian number three are both values every aspiring hitter would love to have. To the leggies, however, his average falls to 37.7, and his strike rate significantly decreases, falling to 118.9.

Given the significant disparity in numbers, it is typically not spectacular in the slightest if Azam introduces Shadab to the attack whenever Kohli bats.


Anoop Mohan
Anoop Mohan
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