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In an emotional moment, Tollywood star Balakrishna consoles Shiva Rajkumar after he saw the video of his late brother Puneeth at a Shiva Vedha pre-release event in Hyderabad on Tuesday. The Kannada actor was touched by the video and sobbed.

The death of Puneeth left everyone heartbroken and celebrities from Tollywood flew to Bengaluru to pay their last respects. Pictures and videos doing rounds on social media show the celebs getting emotional and consoled Puneeth’s family members.

Kannada actor Shiva Rajkumar was left in tears at the pre-release event of his upcoming film Vedha. The film, which has already been released in Kannada and is set to release in Telugu on February 9th, is receiving decent buzz amongst the audience.

At the event, the team played a special video of Shiva’s late brother Puneeth Rajkumar and Shiva couldn’t control himself. He immediately cried uncontrollably and Balayya consoled him and comforted him.

He also spoke about his bond with the deceased actor and said that Puneeth will always live in everyone’s hearts. He also shared his confidence that Vedha would appeal to the Telugu audience and urged everyone to watch the film.

Shiva’s 125th film, Vedha is an action drama written and directed by Harsha. It features Ganavi Laxman, Umashree, Aditi Sagar, Shwetha Chengappa and Kuru Prathap in key roles.

The film revolves around a strong-tempered man named Shiva (Shivarajkumar) who is often advised by his grandfather to control his anger. After his grandfather’s death, he moves to a new town where something triggers his temper.

While the movie is a melodrama, it has enough action scenes to elevate Shiva Rajkumar’s character. Besides, it has some heart-touching moments that will keep the audiences hooked.

Balakrishna is a good friend of Shiva Rajkumar and has been promoting his films together. The two actors have even attended Puneeth Rajkumar’s funeral last October 2021.

At the Shiva Vedha event, Balakrishna sat next to Shiva and played a nostalgic video of Puneeth Rajkumar on a big LCD screen. The audiovisual of the actor was played and Shivarajkumar couldn’t control himself and he cried uncontrollably.

The Kannada star is a big fan of Balakrishna and has been following his films for a long time. He has also praised his performances in all his films.

The two actors are currently promoting Vedha in various states and are looking forward to its release on February 9. They have a great relationship and share several good moments together.

Kannada actor Shiva Rajkumar was pleasantly surprised to see his Telugu counterpart Nandamuri Balakrishna at the pre-release event of his latest film, Vedha. The event took place in Hyderabad on February 7 and Balayya was the chief guest.

Shivarajkumar was moved to tears when a nostalgic video of his late brother Puneeth Rajkumar was played at the event, and Balayya consoled him and comforted him. Later, they joined together and spoke about their bond.

Talking about the movie, Shivarajkumar expressed confidence that it will appeal to the Telugu audience. He said that the movie is filled with entertainment and action, and also has a strong message at its core. He wished all the best to the team and thanked Balayya for his presence at the event.

He said that he and Balayya are like brothers and that they share the same values. He further hoped that Taraka Ratna would return to good health soon.

As a result of his recent divorce, he is currently facing financial difficulties. He recently filed for a bankruptcy in Mumbai.

Despite his financial woes, the actor has remained dedicated to the industry and he is still active in it. He has appeared in films such as Anand, Ratha Sapthami (1986), Om (1995), Janumada Jodi, Nammoora Mandara Hoove and A.K. 47, which have created milestones in the industry and earned him several awards.

In addition to acting, he is also a producer and a playback singer. He has worked in over 125 films, winning several accolades along the way.

The actor’s latest release, Vedha, received positive reviews and is set to release on February 9 in Telugu. The film stars Ganavi Laxman, Umashree, Aditi Sagar and Shwetha Chengappa in supporting roles.

In spite of his marital problems, Shivarajkumar continues to be active in the industry. He has a new project in the works. He will be seen in the Harsha-helmed Bhajarangi 2.



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