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Jungkook Of BTS Surpasses Own Group In New Achievement

BTS has a colossal impact on South Korea’s economy, and it’s also expanding its global influence. The group is the first Korean group to receive a Grammy nomination, and it’s expected to continue breaking records with its upcoming album BE, due out in November 2020. BTS’s ARMY dynamic, which was born out of love and unity, has become a worldwide force in the music industry.

While BTS’s songs are popular all around the world, the group’s singles have reached very high sales numbers in China. As a result of the lack of regulation in China, streaming sales are weighted differently than other countries. Songs from Map of the Soul: Persona and BTS World have each accumulated over a million downloads in China. The group’s first English single, Dynamite, has already passed the three billion streaming plateau on Spotify, and has surpassed the 150 million mark on South Korea’s Genie website.

BTS’s Jungkook continues to break records. Even without a solo album or debut album, Jungkook’s “My Time” song has exceeded 1 billion streams on Spotify, becoming the fastest Korean solo artist to reach this milestone. In addition, Jungkook is now the first K-Pop idol to chart a solo song on the Billboard charts for an entire year.

The song has surpassed the group’s most popular songs in the past two weeks, and it’s also now the fastest solo track to break ten million streams on Spotify. It’s a massive achievement. The song topped the Korean Top Song Weekly Chart, and topped the charts in Thailand and Taiwan.



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