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Katy Marioni: Fans react to stunning ‘spring’ photo drop

Fashion model Katy Marioni recently took to social media to drop a new photo for her fans and followers online.

Marioni posted the image with the caption: “happy first day of spring! and fans have been reacting huge since.

As of writing, the post on Instagram has a ton of likes and comments already, and the amount of those is only likely to go up in the following days and weeks!

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Here are some of the reactions from the fans & followers of the influencer and modelling star to her recent photo drop:

  • How

  • We’re SO obsessed!

  • Oh wow
  • beautiful Katy with a beautiful dress and beautiful eyes and your beautiful hairstyle

you look amazing Wow so beautiful

  • Beautiful quueeennn
  • My GOD you are so f’n gorgeous

Very beautiful Makes me feel spring

Check out the image drop below from the female modelling star to see just what all of the fuss is about!

Anoop Mohan
Anoop Mohan
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