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Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes, 26, Wears Sexy Shredded Dress On Grand Cayman Vacation: Photos

Madonna’s eldest daughter Lourdes Leon has made her debut in the music industry under the moniker Lolahol. She’s released a seductive club anthem called “Lock&Key” on Wednesday (August 24).

The 25-year-old dancer and model shared her single through her label Chemical X, and it is a bustling bit of dance music that combines speedy jungle-style breakbeats with woozy synths and hits of trip-hop horns to echo beneath the ethereal vocals from Lolahol.

Co-produced by experimental pop artist Eartheater and featuring Samuel Burgess and Hara Kiri, the song is accompanied by an Eartheater-directed video.

“Lock&Key” is a well-thought club banger that recollects sounds from late ’90s house backbeats, British garage and a hyperpop tonality that serves as a perfect accompaniment to Lolahol’s ethereal vocals.

The song’s lyrics, which are clearly taken from the viral Lady Gaga quote “club, ‘nother club,” provide an interesting take on the concept of letting yourself go and following your heart.

In the music video, the 25-year-old takes viewers on a journey through New York City and its outer boroughs in the company of a German Sheperd named Kali. The clip is a racy look at Lolahol’s home city, with the model sizzling in a range of raunchy outfits, including a silver zip-up hoodie and bedazzled nipple pasties.

Lourdes is also seen wearing a pair of pink earrings that are adorned with skulls and the words “M-O-M” in black ink, an obvious nod to her mother’s legendary music career. In the video, she caresses a guy in a cemetery, gets into an SUV with a coffin on top and walks half-in and half-out of a car across a bridge with a skull mask on.

Aside from being a sexy and eerie look at her life, the “Lock&Key” video is also an intriguingly dark and mysterious one that draws its inspiration from Madonna’s 1997 album ‘Rebel Heart’.

The music video is a dreamy and sensual journey, with Lolahol filmed driving through the streets of New York City, hanging in a cemetery and eventually arriving at the beach.

‘Lock&Key’ is an ode to her mother, and it’s the first track from her new EP Go that was released last week. It’s co-written and produced by Leon and Alexandra Drewchin, who goes by the name Eartheater on her track.

On the track, Lolahol’s soft vocals seem to address her love interest to a soundtrack that recalls beats from 90s pop and house music, with a score that has a dreampop overtone. The debut single is available for download from Chemical X Records.



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