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South Indian’s Sunny Leone In Nadan; Do You Know Who Is This Beauty Wearing A Blouse And Kalimund..!!

Now many models are arriving in Kerala with different photoshoots.

the reality is that some things get attention and some don’t. It can be said that today models in Kerala reach their posts through Instagram.

But on top of that, the truth is that photoshoots have become a business today.Photoshoots are offered through many websites where models are put up for sale. The truth is that there are many people to watch.

Gauri CG Mathews is one of the most popular models on social media right now. The new Instagram account gained ten thousand followers in just a few days.

Gauri CG Mathews has been modeling for the last six years. Even though the actor has been in the modeling field for a long time, it was only recently that he got attention. 

Gauri is gaining more attention through lesbian photo shoots. Gauri says that while doing photoshoots, she doesn’t pay attention to negative comments about it.

Gauri’s stand is that if someone makes a bad comment against her, she will keep saying it. Also, Gauri says that when she sees such a comment, she likes to be happy, thinking that she is paying more attention.

Fans say that Gauri, who has many fans, looks like Sunny Leone.

Photoshoots are given only if all that is agreed. Gauri says that the photoshoot that got her the most praise was Mahadevan Thambi’s. 

Along with that, the photo shoot from the butcher shop also managed to get praise. Gauri says that fans love to see her navel. Similarly, Gauri is one of the Malayalee models who has an account on Patreon , the world’s largest photo gallery site.

If fans want to see her belly button, they can see more of that on Patreon. He always tries to give photos that fans or social media want.

Gauri says that is the reason why people like her more. Gauri says that when she is asked who is the Kidu photographer, she says it is Prashant Balachandran. Now the new photo shoot of Gauri is here in Kalimund and blouse with it.

Gauri believes that her success as a model is due to the fact that photoshoots and modeling have become the most competitive space. Gauri laughs and says that fans compare her with Sunny Leone and love it when fans call her Sunny Chechi. But I have fans on many levels.

People who give compliments that speak in many ways. They prefer the new ideas of photoshoots that I do rather than me. 

Gauri says her best photoshoots are on Patreon sites. The limitations of social media like Instagram and Facebook are the reason why Gawri chose world-class websites like Patreon.



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