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Mohanlal to launch musical album to welcome FIFA World Cup

Mohanlal has announced the release of a new musical album to welcome the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The album is titled Salutations to Qatar and it will be launched on October 30 in the country. The album is a collaboration between Mohanlal and TK Rajeev Kumar. The album will have several surprises in it. The song Salutations to Qatar will be available in English, Hindi and Urdu. Fans can also check out the movie Salutations to Qatar which is running in cinema halls.

The song Arhbo was produced by RedOne and recorded at Katara Studios in Doha. The album will be available on digital streaming services from Friday. The video for the song has been released by FIFA and is a welcome to the World Cup. The video for the song has already been uploaded on YouTube.

Mohanlal is releasing a new film in the near future. It is said that Mohanlal will play a role in the film as Chemboth Simon. While the makers have not confirmed the identity of his character, the film is expected to be an action entertainer. It will also feature Trisha and Indrajith Sukumaran in important roles.

A number of songs have already been released in connection with the FIFA World Cup. Some are part of the official FIFA soundtrack while others are not. The FIFA Sound strategy was first implemented last year. As the tournament approaches, it will be updated. It is an important step in the FIFA’s strategy.



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