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Mumbai police detain Rakhi Sawant over actor’s plaint

The police have been keeping a close eye on actor Rakhi Sawant. After being spotted on several occasions, the actor was finally taken to the police station for questioning. A few days later, it was revealed that the actor had been given a stern talking to. The incident occurred in the course of an investigation into the pornographic activities of the film buff and his wife. It was also said that the alleged offender had not been seen in public for almost a week.

According to reports, the police have not been able to come to a concrete conclusion about the matter. Hence, the actors’ legal counsel and family are expected to give the police a fair chance to make their case. Until then, the actor will remain under house arrest. Despite a recent change of venue, the film buff’s wife, Anushka, has not been sighted in public. So far, the actor’s lawyers have been reticent to provide further details. However, the incident hasn’t slowed down the actor’s giddy fans, with some reports quoting a certain Mumbai-based actor as saying he was on the verge of breaking up with his wife.

In the end, the police are expected to make a decision about whether or not they should hold the tycoon. If the sexy actress and her husband can be rescued from the lion’s den, their naughty escapades will be off the books. Besides, the state government must share the state’s development goals with the city’s civic body. This could go a long way in resolving the thorny issue of public access to its plethora of parks and sporting venues.



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