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Nora Fatehi Makes Shocking Claim Against Jacqueline; Rakhi Sawant Arrested, Tweets Sherlyn

Bollywood actor Nora Fatehi has made shocking allegations against actress Jacqueline Fernandez. The two have been questioned multiple times by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection with a money laundering case. However, both have denied their involvement in the case.

In a defamation suit, Nora Fatehi alleged that Jacqueline Fernandez falsely implicated her in a Rs 200 crore extortion case. She also claimed that the latter made defamatory imputations to further her own interests. Her lawsuit was filed against 15 media houses for allegedly carrying forward the remarks. Moreover, she claimed that she had lost out on various ad deals and lost out on a Dubai-based concert.

After her plight was reported in the media, the Enforcement Directorate, which was investigating the money laundering case against conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, summoned her and Fernandez. Their statements were recorded by an EOW official. Both actresses also had to answer questions regarding their relationships with Sukesh, which were a part of the investigation. A statement mentioning a relationship between the two was provided in the earlier chargesheet. But the Enforcement Directorate didn’t mention that Jacqueline was involved in the case in its later chargesheet.

In a revealing reply to the court, Nora accused Jacqueline of maligning her image. According to her, the actress tried to destroy her career by making libelous and malicious allegations against her. It is a case of collective hounding, which is similar to mob lynching. Moreover, she claims that she had lost out on a Dubai-based concert and various ad deals due to these allegations.

Jacqueline and her sister Leena Maria Paul were also contacted by the ED in connection with the case. Similarly, Pinky Irani was questioned by the agency multiple times. However, the actress has denied that she was linked with Sukesh. Earlier, she had spoken about the incident to her cousin, Chandrashekhar, who has been linked to the conman. This statement was allegedly aimed at proving that the actress had been suckered into a deal.

The EOW officials had also seized the assets of the accused and attached them with Rs 7.2 crore. They also alleged that the actresses have been blatantly corrupt in the past. As per the ED’s plea, the actresses had been aware of the damage their reputation had caused. However, they had not been able to prove the allegations.

Despite the allegations by the two actresses, the court has not yet taken cognizance of their case. However, it is likely that the court will take the issue into consideration in the coming months. If fresh evidence is found, the actresses can be arrested by the EOW officials. Until then, the reputation of the actresses is still in jeopardy.

Though Jacqueline and Nora have denied their involvement in the case, they are being investigated for their role in the extortion case. If the allegations against them turn out to be true, their reputation may suffer irreparably. So, it is important for them to respond legally.



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