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Deepika Padukone’s Orange Swimsuit Scene in Pathaan Has NOT Been Censored

When Deepika Padukone wore a hot orange swimsuit in the song “Besharam Rang” from Pathaan, the controversy began. The right-wing outfits were outraged, and protests were held in several parts of the country.

The controversy escalated when activists set effigies of the star cast on fire. Many big names also jumped into online mayhem.However, the controversial orange bikini worn by Padukone has been added to the final version of the film. It is not yet clear whether it was censored.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has advised the makers of Pathaan to make numerous modifications. It has suggested a number of cuts, including the removal of some sensuous dance movements. They have also recommended changes in dialogue.

A leaked copy of the CBFC instructions has been circulating online. Some claim that all of the shots of Padukone’s orange bikini were cut. Other claims are that the shot was only trimmed a little, leaving a partial nudity.Despite the CBFC’s instructions, the scene has not been censored. In fact, the film has received a U/A certificate.On the other hand, some ministers and right-wing activists requested that the film be banned. One of these is Narottam Mishra, the home minister of Madhya Pradesh. He claimed that the song was shot with a dirty mindset, and the costumes were objectionable.Besides these issues, the film has gotten positive reviews. It is scheduled to hit the theaters on January 25, 2023.



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