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All those who pretended to be in love with him drowned when the matter was over… All they want is a body.. Rai Lakshmi says.

Rai Lakshmi is an actress who has acted in various languages ​​like Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu and has earned her own place. The actress was a part of Malayalam films that gave huge success as the heroine of superstars.

Now the actress is an important factor in the glamor films where the heroine is important. Along with that, it is worth mentioning that the star is also followed by controversies. The actor shared his love stories and marriage news on social media in his own way and it became viral.

Later, he got an opportunity to act in films like Dharmapuri and Neshinile. Rai Lakshmi’s name was added to the list of leading heroines in Malayalam through the films Annan Thampi released in 2008, Two Hariharnagar, Chattambinad and Irutam Swargaman released in 2009. The star who acted with Mammootty got an opportunity to act with Mohanlal.

In 2014, Lakshmi Rai changed her name to Rai Lakshmi, who played notable roles in films such as Rock and Roll, Christian Brothers and Casanova. The actor has already acted in more than fifty films in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi languages.

The pictures of Lakshmi, who lost a lot of weight for the Bollywood film Julie Two, went viral on social media. Rai Lakshmi once clarified that love is something that can never be separated from her life.

Lakshmi Rai said that no matter how hard she tried, she could not stop love. Therefore, the actor has openly said that there have been many romantic relationships in his life, but his love was not what many needed. The actor also clarified that most of the people approached him because they wanted his body.

The actor says that although he has dated many people, he has not had any relationships leading to marriage in his life. The actor has clarified that because he wanted his body, no one needed his love and no one was ready to approach him mentally.



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