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Rakhi Sawant Cries in Front of Camera Saying ” Meri Shaadi Khatre Main Hai “.

Rakhi Sawant cries in front of camera saying Meri shaadi khatre main hai

It was a sad moment for Bigg Boss 15 ex-contestant Rakhi Sawant when her doting mother Jaya Bheda breathed her last. She penned a heartfelt post on social media about her mother’s death and was joined by a lot of friends and family at the funeral.

After her mother’s death, Rakhi cried in front of the camera and said that her marriage with Adil Khan Durrani is not safe any more. She also claimed that she is worried about the future of her husband as his family doesn’t accept him.

Her tears hit the screen in a heartbreaking video, which is going viral on the internet. Netizens have slammed her for crying in front of the camera, saying that she should be more mature.

The actress had earlier got married to businessman Adil Khan Durrani in July after dating him for three months. However, she was not ready to publicly accept their marriage until last month.

Moreover, her husband was not willing to accept their nikah and was even calling it fake. This has led to several dramas between the two.

After her divorce with Ritesh Singh, Rakhi has been seen frequently with her rumoured boyfriend Adil Durrani. They have been attending various events together and even took part in IIFA awards. However, they haven’t been able to resolve their differences. She recently filed a police complaint against him for hacking her social media accounts and misusing them.



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