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Ram Setu Review The plot of Ram Setu is promising

The Ram Setu is a 48-km chain of shoals between India and Sri Lanka and a supposed bridge used by Lord Sri Rama. The movie begins in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have destroyed many of the Buddha statues. In an attempt to reclaim them, an archaeologist named Aryan (Akshay Kumar) escapes from the terrorists by stumbling upon an enormous reclining Buddha, which was likely built by Lord Sri Rama himself. The film features some of the best acting from Akshay Kumar, and the supporting performances are great.

In Ram Setu, Akshay Kumar plays a world-renowned archaeologist called Aryan Kulshrestha, who is tasked by the government with proving that the Ram Setu is natural and not a fake. The film also features Nushrratt Bharuccha, who plays Aryan’s wife. The movie places an emphasis on religious belief, especially among the villagers, but it also features sections set in Sri Lanka where the Sri Lankan military is fighting the Tamil separatists.

Despite the mediocre VFX and lackluster science in the first half, the film is entertaining toward the climax. However, the plot is rather predictable. It would have been better if Akshay Kumar had used his full acting range. But even without these flaws, the movie does have one bit of surprise at the end.

The plot of Ram Setu is promising, but the script is not ambitious enough. The movie essentially plays like a poorly-scripted reality show. The characters are not believable and the plot has too many convenient episodes. Akshay Kumar’s character has zero credibility. His slapstick style is distracting, and his dialogues are unconvincing. The second half of the film, however, is more exciting thanks to Akshay Kumar’s performance.

Abhishek Sharma’s Ram Setu has borrowed from the National Treasure series in its storyline. The film tells the story of an archeologist named Aryan who has just returned from a successful archaeological expedition in Afghanistan, where he saved a significant amount of historical material from the Taliban’s bombing. While the film is a propaganda piece, it does manage to highlight the damage caused by uncivilised fundamentalists.

Satyadev gives a decent performance, making his debut in a film. The action sequences are exciting, but the twist in the climax is predictable. The movie isn’t the most exciting or memorable film, but it has its moments. And the movie isn’t exactly heartwarming either.

Ram Setu is an adventure drama with religious overtones. This film is directed by Abhishek Sharma, who previously directed Tere Bin Laden. The storyline is a bit loose, with a lot of background information that doesn’t make much sense. Akshay Kumar’s character is an archaeologist who is ashamed of his beliefs, which leads him to be banned from government jobs. He then gets hired by a private company to investigate the ancient temple. Throughout the film, he meets with various tides, from religious to cultural.

The film is also a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. In spite of this, the film is an entertaining romp about the Hindu faith. In fact, if you’re Hindu, you’ll be able to enjoy this film. There are some interesting questions in the film, but the storyline doesn’t let you feel too uncomfortable.



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