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Rumours About Victoria Beckham and Daughter in Law Nicola Peltz Discredited

The relationship between Victoria Beckham and her daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz has been a polarising topic in recent months. It was thought that the two had a rift, but both have since denied the claims. Although it’s difficult to say exactly how much of a rift there was, the two haven’t been as friendly on Instagram as they once were.

Nicola reportedly refused to wear a wedding dress designed by Victoria. She decided instead to go for a custom-made Valentino Couture gown. According to reports, the dress took a year to design and organize. This sparked rumours that there was a major feud between the mother of the bride and her daughter-in-law. But Nicola has since discredited the rumours, saying she wasn’t trying to hurt her mother-in-law’s feelings.

According to a source, Victoria was cut out of the wedding planning and the event felt like it was not about the Beckhams. During the ceremony, Nicola reportedly stormed out after Anthony Beckham praised Victoria. However, she also cried when Marc Anthony delivered a speech and sat down in front of the audience to show off her new husband.

In a recent interview, Nicola Peltz opened up about the wedding dress controversy. She said she had a vision for the dress but it didn’t work out as she had imagined it. She explained that her mom, Claudia Heffner Peltz, and her friend Leslie Fremar were helping her to design the dress. Unfortunately, the designer wasn’t able to make it, and she ended up wearing a different brand.

The feud between Victoria and Nicola Peltz didn’t stop there, however. Brooklyn has been very aggressive about his mother-in-law’s refusal to wear a Victoria-designed wedding dress. While he’s remained supportive of his mother, he’s taken a more aggressive approach towards his wife. As a result, they’ve been seen rarely on social media. They’ve even stopped liking each other’s posts on Instagram.

Earlier this month, Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz were back on social media, as they celebrated Nicola’s 28th birthday. Fans were eager to know if the photo, which featured both women, meant the end of the feud.

Both of their parents – David and Victoria – were out in the UK to spend time with their three children: Harper, 11, and Brooklyn, 10. The couple spent New Year in the UK, and Victoria posted a photo of herself and Nicola on Instagram, along with a sweet message about her and her fiance.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn has been staying at Nelson Peltz’s Palm Beach, Florida, property. His father, Nelson, has footed the bill for Brooklyn’s green card. And although both of Brooklyn’s parents haven’t spoken about the rumours publicly, it appears to be true that the two have been having a rough relationship. One of his uncles has accused his parents of not paying for the green card, and Brooklyn has made it clear that he does not want his uncle to do so.

Although the Beckhams haven’t commented on the rumours of a feud, a source close to the family has stated that the relationship between the two isn’t working out. It’s thought that the tensions between the pair started when Nicola didn’t wear Victoria’s wedding dress, and it’s unclear what Victoria’s role in the conflict is.



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