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Samantha Ruth Prabhu gives glimpse of her autoimmune diet as she shows off strength with rigorous pull-ups !! see viral video

Samantha Ruth Prabhu recently shared an interesting little nugget about her diet plan and exercise regimen. The actress, who has been in the business of acting and modeling since the days of Madhubala, has made it to the top of the Tollywood ladder. In fact, she is one of the highest paid celebrities in the country. Earlier, she was known for her stance and performance in the films like The Family Man and The Family Man 2. She has also made a name for herself in the southern cinema world. And in recent times, she has been cast alongside Varun Dhawan in an Indian adaptation of the sci-fi series Citadel.

Last year, the actress opened up about a health condition called Myositis. This rare autoimmune disease is known to affect muscles in various ways, causing inflammation and pain. As a result, she took a break from work and has been on a strict diet and exercise regimen for the past few months. But now, the actress has finally shared an insight into her autoimmune food regimen.

While there are several other celebrities who have made the same claim, the actress has the clout to do so. Apart from her upcoming film, she is also in the works for another, namely the Shiva Nirvana romantic comedy, Kushi. She is not averse to a workout and has never missed a training session. On the subject of the latest in a long line of health woes, she and her ex-husband Naga Chaitanya decided to part ways in October of last year. Fortunately for the former spouses, their separation was a mutually agreed upon arrangement.

Regardless, there are several rumors circulating about her health. Some say she was going to undergo surgery overseas while others say that she had been diagnosed with a rare skin disease. Regardless of the aforementioned claims, it looks as though Samantha has finally gotten the treatment she needs and is back to work. Not only that, she is a household name in India and abroad. She has also recently signed up to co-star in the Hindi version of the sci-fi series Citadel, which is a Russo Brothers’ India spinoff.

Besides her work on the big screen, Samantha is also busy juggling her day job as an advertising consultant for the film and television industry. She has made it into the list of notable women in Bollywood, with reports suggesting that she has been offered a role in a biopic of the late actor-politician Prithviraj Sukumar. Aside from her upcoming films, she will make a guest appearance on the popular celebrity chat show Koffee With Karan.

She is also known for the gizmo-filled kitty she shares with her co-star, Varun Dhawan. One of the best things about the pair is that they can get into character, whether that be a sexy female or a sultry male. Of course, they have never publicly acknowledged it, but that does not mean they don’t have a lot to talk about.



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