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Shania Twain to Get Music Icon Award at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards

During her four decades in the spotlight, Canadian country pop superstar Shania Twain has racked up millions of dollars in record label contracts and sold millions of records.

She is currently the best-selling female country pop artist of all time, and her latest album, Queen of Me, is set to hit the shelves in early February.

She is also in the midst of touring, with the Queen of Me Tour set to kick off in 2023. Shania Twain will also receive the coveted Music Icon award at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards.

Aside from the big daddy award, the PCAs will also feature a special pre-show red carpet television broadcast and a live televised awards ceremony.

The show is expected to garner millions of votes for the best in entertainment. Among the awards up for grabs are the best singer and best actor and actress awards.

Shania Twain will be accompanied by none other than Ryan Reynolds during the award show. She is slated to make her first appearance on the PCAs stage since 2005.

The award show is expected to go down at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, on December 6. The awards show will also be broadcast live on both NBC and E! It is expected that a record number of people will tune in to see the award show.

The PCAs have a storied history, dating all the way back to the halcyon days of the late 1960s, when Elvis Presley and his band The Supremes performed for a handful of lucky fans. Other notable winners include Elton John, who scored two top spots on the U.S.

dance charts in two years. Likewise, Strathaven Park has been named to the top ten lists for eight straight years. There are a number of other award winners, including the likes of Elsy Wameyo, who took home five awards at the 2022 South Australian Music Awards.

The People’s Choice Awards will be produced by the people behind Den of Thieves, along with the estimable gizmo, as well as the triumvirate of Evan Prager, Barb Bialkowski and Jesse Ignjatovic.

The award show will also be a record-breaking event, with the biggest prize going to the best female country pop artist of all time, Shania Twain. It is estimated that a total of ten million voters will cast their ballots during the award show. The show is expected to be one of the biggest music events of the year, and its marquee performers are expected to outshine their respective competitors.



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