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Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza to Come Together For a Reality Show amid Divorce Rumours

While fans of the couple are ecstatic that the two are getting back together, they are also confused by the rumours of a possible divorce. While some fans believe that the rumours are mere publicity stunts, others claim that they are real.

The news has caused a mixed reaction on social media, with some fans expressing the belief that the couple is still together and others criticising them for using divorce rumours to boost their careers. On November 11, reports of a possible separation broke across media outlets.

Shoaib and Sania were married in 2010 and live in Dubai. They have a son together, Izhaan. There have been reports that Shoaib has been cheating on Sania with a Pakistani model named Ayesha Omar. However, the couple have not commented on the matter.

Although they have yet to confirm the rumor of a divorce, the couple have decided to embark on a reality show together. While there has been no official confirmation, a poster showing Sania on Shoaib’s shoulder and the Burj Khalifa has been circulated among fans.

According to the reports, the two have been married since 2010 and recently welcomed their son, Izhaan Mirza Malik. While divorce rumors have surrounded them, the two remained close after announcing the birth of their son.

In the news of the couple’s reunion, OTT platform Urduflix posted a poster of their upcoming show. The poster depicts the couple smiling while the Burj Khalifa is seen as the backdrop.

In the last few years, Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza have been one of the most talked about couples in the entertainment industry. However, rumours of a divorce are making fans speculate.



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