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Sony’s Car Announcement at CES 2023

Sony has announced plans to unveil a car at the CES 2023 show, and they want you to be the first to see it. Not only is it expected to be a hybrid, but it will also have Adaptive cruise control and Self-driving technology. In addition, it will have entertainment options like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa. These features are designed to help you get around while still enjoying the luxury of driving a brand-new automobile.

Sony’s new brand

In a major announcement at CES 2023, Sony announced its new brand for cars. Previously, Sony had said that it was not interested in creating mass market vehicles, but now it wants to get involved in car design and production. Its new ride will be called Afeela.

The first vehicle produced by the joint venture will be available in North America in the spring of 2026. After that, it will be sold in Europe. Eventually, it will be exported to Japan.

Sony’s press conference at CES 2023 was a whirlwind of technological innovation. It featured two concepts and a prototype.

The Vision-S concept car is a futuristic concept that features autonomous driving capabilities. The car also has a plethora of cameras and other sensors. This model will be built by Sony Honda Mobility, a joint venture between two Japanese automakers.

Self-driving technology

Sony’s self-driving car technology announcement at CES 2023 is not the first time the company has made an effort to make its presence felt in the automotive industry. It already manufactures cameras for vehicles. In 2018, Sony announced it was going to commercialize imaging sensors for auto use.

The Sony Vision-S is a futuristic concept car with smart features. This prototype includes 33 sensors for monitoring the surroundings, including a panoramic screen that replaces the dashboard. It also has a big infotainment system with spatial audio.

Earlier this year, Sony signed a deal with Honda to develop electric cars together. Their first model will be available for preorder in 2025. A press conference will take place at CES 2023.


Sony’s car announcement at CES 2023 was a whirlwind of technological innovation. The company unveiled its new electric vehicle, called Afeela, which is set to hit the road in 2026. And it’s not the first time that Sony has ventured into the automotive space. They’ve been working on this project for several years.

It’s a partnership between Sony and Honda. This joint venture will focus on developing electric vehicles for both Japan and North America. As part of this endeavor, the companies will be producing the vehicle at one of Honda’s 12 manufacturing facilities in the US.

Sony also revealed the company’s involvement in creating “Gran Turismo,” which is a video game that’s based on the Sony PlayStation racing franchise. The film will be in theaters this summer, and it uses Sony’s AI tech to give viewers the feeling of being the driver of a real-life vehicle.

Samsung’s Flex Hybrid

At the upcoming CES 2023 event in Las Vegas, Samsung Display will reveal a new prototype of their Flex Hybrid technology. This hybrid screen will allow users to enjoy a tablet-like experience, while at the same time offering a large viewing area for media consumption.

While the display is still in development, it looks quite interesting. It features a foldable aspect on the left side and uses folding and rolling technologies to expand the screen. The Flex Hybrid screen can expand from a smaller 10.5-inch screen to a larger 17.3-inch screen.

Samsung’s upcoming exhibit at CES 2023 will be called “Disruptive Tech Journey Unlocks Sustainable Futures.” It will showcase new OLED products for small, medium, and large screens. These innovative products include a new line of automotive display panels for self-driving cars, as well as foldable displays.

Adaptive cruise control

Sony’s car announcement at CES 2023 is a pretty big deal. Not only will the car be available for sale in the next few years, but it will also be a step forward in green transportation.

While Sony is a venerable name in electronics, it is also known for its music and movies. In an effort to tap into these industries, the company decided to enter the car business. The result is the Afeela, a futuristic EV that will be made by a joint venture between Sony and Honda.

The concept car boasts a number of technological advances, including a touchscreen dashboard. The vehicle will be capable of fully automated driving, as well as driver and passenger monitoring. Other features include a full-width screen for the driver, and a smaller, dedicated screen for the passengers in the rear.



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