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super is hot in the swimming pool…omg awsome pics by model !! !! see pics

Pooja Bhalekar is an Indian actress who mainly works in Telugu and Bollywood films. The star’s latest film Enter the Girl Dragon teaser has been released.

With this, the actor quickly became famous among the youth. Actor Si Gong Tapan has trained under Pandit Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster. The actor started his martial arts journey from a young age.

The star was never particularly interested in studies. Always loved sports. Moreover, the actor started learning yoga. Soon the actor started representing the school at the district and state levels.

Later the star’s interest turned to being a sports star. The star’s strengths were 100m run, high jump and 400m hurdles.

One day, the star learned that it was a martial art called Taekwondo from seeing some students in white uniforms kicking and punching.

The actor had an instinctive feeling that this was his calling. And the actor’s mother was really supportive. So, the star was embarking on his journey to learn and understand martial arts.

All the other sports learned earlier helped the star grow faster in his martial arts journey.

Yoga helped Tara with flexibility and taught her how to focus. At the same time, the star’s athletic background helped the star’s endurance and strength.

Within a few years, the actor became a champion at the national level. The actor still remembers the day he won his first national gold medal. Then suddenly one day the star received a call from the office of film producer Ram Gopal Varma.

Although he was impressed by her acting skills, he told the actor that he was particularly interested in Bruce Lee’s fighting style and that he should practice pooja in Jeet Kune Do, a Bruce Lee fighting style.

That one meeting with Ram Gopal Varma took the star’s life in a very different direction. After that the actor attracted Bruce Lee and started learning JEET KUNE Do to prepare himself for his role in Ladki.

Now the actor is actively sharing his favorite photos and videos on social media. Now the actress has uploaded photos of herself looking hot in the swimming pool. The photos have become popular in social media spaces with a lot of audience comments.



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