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Taylor Swift Drops Anti-Fat Frames From “Anti-Hero” Music Video

The music video for “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift has been purged of ‘anti-fat’ frames after a fierce online debate. Some users were indignant at the depiction of an eating disorder in the video and criticized Swift for blatant fatphobia. However, Swift has not addressed the controversy. She continues to roll out new music videos and announce tour dates in the UK.

The music video, which was released earlier this year, has been edited to remove frames depicting Swift standing on a scale. The scene shows Swift looking dismayed, as her anti-hero clone looks down on her. The scene has been removed from the Apple Music edit but is still available on YouTube. Many fans have come to Swift’s defence, noting that the singer has been open about her struggles with disordered eating and mental health.

The ‘anti-fat’ frames were edited out of the video for various reasons. In the Apple Music version, Swift has edited out the scene where her anti-hero clone looks at her and says “I’m too fat to be a hero!” In the YouTube version, the deleted scene is still present.

The controversial video has been panned online and on television. Taylor Swift has previously discussed her eating disorder and will be talking about it in her 2020 Netflix documentary, ‘Miss Americana.’ The star has previously admitted to starving herself when she thought she looked pregnant.



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