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Thank God Movie Review

Thank God is an entertaining movie with a great message. It’s not overly racy, but it’s definitely funny and will get you laughing. Aseem Bajaj’s direction and camerawork are solid. Dharmendra Sharma should have sharpened his editing scissors, though. A couple of scenes look stretched, and some of the songs aren’t exactly loop-worthy.

The film follows a real estate agent (Ajaan Kapoor) who is going through a rough patch in business. His wife, Ruhi Kapoor, works for a police department and earns an income to support their family. A car accident happens one day when Ajaan and his wife were on their way to a business meeting. They meet a fatal accident. Ayaan wakes up in heaven, but must face the consequences of his actions.

The movie’s premise is decent, though it could have explored more deeply the concept of human error. Despite its attempts to examine misogyny, Thank God’s female characters are merely tools for the moral messaging. Rakul Preet Singh’s character, the ‘perfect wife’, is a misfire in the eyes of her husband, which only serves to further cement his misogyny.

In the end, the film is ultimately about Ayaan’s character, and what motivates it. The film’s storyline isn’t overly complicated or empathetic. Rather, it is about the character of Ayaan and human nature. Ayaan’s character, which has been portrayed as flawed for so long, is given a chance to grow.

If you’re looking for a feel-good movie to cheer you up on a bad day, Thank God is the perfect choice. This film is full of witty jokes and some moral lessons. It isn’t as clever as it could be, but it is certainly entertaining. You won’t regret the movie if you give it a shot. It isn’t going to break your bank.

In spite of its wholesome message, Thank God is not a perfect film. While some scenes may be heartbreaking, some of the film’s humor falls flat. For example, the film doesn’t spend enough time setting up the financial crisis. And while some of the dialogue is well-written, it isn’t particularly likable. Ajay Devgn delivers a touching performance and Rakul Preet Singh and Urmila Kothare give excellent performances.

Thank God has two strong leads, but it lacks depth. While it has a few memorable moments, many of the characters are generic. Its moral binary is also unimaginative. Its production design is tacky. It’s definitely not a movie for the sensitive audience. So if you’re looking for a sentimental movie, skip it.

Although Indra Kumar tries to be clever, his film lacks a personal touch. There’s a lot of cliched plot devices and a contrived storyline. There’s no real empathy between the protagonist and his mother. The movie does have a few laughs, but that’s about it.



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