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Tina Datta says she came on board Bigg Boss 16′ only for ‘Salman sir’

TV actress Tina Datta, who is currently seen on ‘Bigg Boss 16’ has never been a fan of reality shows and she always loves doing fictional dramas. She also opened up about her “differences” with Rashami Desai.

“I never entered ‘Bigg Boss’ as a contestant so this time it is altogether a different experience where I have to show my real side and it is fun,” Datta said, adding: “But I must say TV shows are my first love as I started my career with them and I look forward to doing it more.”

The 30-year-old actress also made it clear that she joined ‘Bigg Boss; because of Salman Khan: “If Salman sir would not have been the host, I don’t think I would have joined the show.”

Tina, who has been part of shows such as ‘Shani’, and also acted in films like ‘Chokher Bali’ and ‘Parineeta’, among others, also nixed rumours about her rift with her ‘Uttaran’ co-star Rashami Desai.

She said: “There are no controversies around my personal relationship and I am always very vocal about them. Of course I have been in a relationship and sometimes it worked out and sometimes not. I never had any bitter terms with Rashami Desai and I don’t know how people can think of that.

“We have shared social media posts together and given interviews also. It is a general habit of people to comment on two women from the same show like they don’t gel along well. But it is not the truth and we have no bitter terms with each other.”

Anoop Mohan
Anoop Mohan
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