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What do you want?? Rose flowers or…model by uploading cool photos

Social media celebrities tend to make the most news in the online media. The number of social media celebrities emerging every day is huge. 

It’s also amazing how fast every social media celebrity can grow. This position was achieved by sharing photos and videos on different social media platforms.

There are many social media celebrities who have millions of fans. It is surprising that many actors who are active in movies and serials do not have as many followers as models who have not even appeared in a serial, movie or even a television program.

Now the photos of Srishti Banerjee, a model, are making waves on social media.

Srishti Banerjee is an active and well-known actor as a video creator, Tik Tok star, famous fashion, lifestyle & fitness influencer. The star has a passion for modelling.

Therefore, he has participated in many photos and the photoshoots with the actor have gone viral. The actor has appeared for many leading brands.

The star is mainly fond and interested in travelling, blogging, modeling etc. Through all this, the actor is gaining huge fans on social media platforms.

The actor is known as a social media celebrity. The star’s Instagram followers prove this. Millions of fans follow the star on Instagram alone.

That is why the photos and videos shared by the actor are quickly becoming viral on social media.

Now the actor has uploaded glamor photos in hot and bold attire. Instead of underwear, the star has used rose flowers. 

That is why the star’s photos quickly went viral on social media and gained a lot of viewers. Anyway, the star’s photos have created a wave in all social media spaces.



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